InHub for Institutional Investors

Whether you're conducting an RFP for a small 401(k), a multi-billion dollar pension plan, a university endowment, or a large health care organization do it with InHub, the fully integrated RFP management platform.

No matter the type or size of RFP, with InHub you'll make better investment decisions.


Whether it's your first investment RFP or your fiftieth, the process of creating an RFP, inviting respondents, and distributing it is time consuming. With InHub you can use a template with industry standard questions, add your own, or build an RFP from scratch. Then just define your timeline, add respondents, and invite them to participate all in one simple to use interface.


Keeping respondents on time and collecting their proposals is often difficult and time consuming. InHub simplifies the process through automatic communications, and securely collecting submissions. Large file size or large numbers of attachments, usually a problem for email based RFPs, are eliminated when using InHub.


InHub makes the proposal comparison process easy by allowing you to review answers from multiple proposals side by side. Scoring and voting allow you to easily analyze and advance candidates. Your review committee, regardless of geographic constraints, can easily communicate and share notes on candidates.

Document & Retain

It is wise to document your decisions as well the basis for them. With InHub you have a fully documented process all in one place. At the end of the RFP, a document that summarizes the entire due diligence process is immediately available. If you wish you can export it as well as all ancillary data and attachments for your records.


Effective communication between issuer and respondent is critical for a successful RFP. With InHub all communications occur within the platform, removing the need for external emails. There are no lost emails or wasted time lost searching for critical communication.

InHub takes care of communications between your review team as well!

Concierge Assistance

Running your first consultant search can be daunting. For those committees who would like additional assistance our concierge service is here to help. We can help create a custom RFP, make sure you get the number of respondents you need, and keep the process on track. The only thing we don’t do is make the final decisions.

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