InHub for Investment Consultants

Every day more Institutional Consultants move their RFP process online and InHub is their preferred choice. With InHub they grow their business faster, manage projects better, and impress their clients all while saving time.

The best part is that InHub allows them to remain unique while making better investment decisions.


Whether you run three or three hundred investment RFPs each year, creating RFPs, inviting respondents, and distributing them is time consuming. With InHub you can easily store and update questionnaires, customize them, or build new ones from scratch. Whether you're issuing an open-invitation Manager RFP or doing a closed, invite-only Recordkeeper search you'll do it faster with InHub.


Collecting and organizing proposals is difficult and time consuming. Large file sizes or numerous attachments, usually a problem for email based RFPs, are easily and securely handled. InHub also keeps the process moving with automatic communications and status updates.


InHub makes comparing proposals easy by allowing you to review multiple proposals side by side. Score and vote to analyze and advance candidates. Your review committee, whether comprised of internal reviewers and/or your clients, can easily communicate and share notes on candidates. Finally, if you need to take the process offline InHub offers a variety of export formats as well.

Document & Retain

Documentation for decisions and their basis is important. With InHub you have a fully documented process for all your RFPs. After each RFP completion, a document summarizing the entire due diligence process is immediately available. The summary document as well as all ancillary data and attachments are fully exportable. All past RFPs are easily accessible including documents, notes, scores, and pricing, eliminating worries about lost data.


Effective communication between issuer and respondent is critical for a successful RFP. Overlooking one important email in an RFP project can significantly change the results. And if you're doing your RFPs by email you're probably dealing with hundreds of them.

With InHub all communications occur within the platform, removing the need for external emails. There are no lost emails or wasted time lost searching for critical communication.

Not only does InHub take care of respondent communications but it manages communications between your review team as well!

The InHub Difference

With InHub's intuitive interface, training new team members is simple. Now everyone on your team, including management, can easily keep up-to-date on your RFP business. Prospects and clients will be impressed with innovative and professional technology, coupled with your proprietary process.

Best of all, onboarding your current process is painless with InHub’s easy and free onboarding services. Schedule a demo, and you can issue your first RFP within 24 hours.

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