InHub for Research Teams

Your proprietary research process sets your firm apart. But like many companies in the investment industry every quarter you are inundated with distributing and collecting questionnaires. We can help.

With InHub you can save time and reduce errors when executing recurring questionnaires. Let us help your team make better investment decisions.

Send & Collect

InHub maintains the contact list for all of your strategies allowing you to distribute new questionnaires with just one click. At any time, you can see who's on track and the system automatically sends reminders to keep respondents on time. Your responses come back faster, and your analysts can begin their work without having to wait for them all.


Evaluate answers side-by-side, question-by-question, or strategy-by-strategy. Quickly find the information you are looking for and take notes. Easily track the review status of all reviewers and strategies. Effortlessly share access with others internally.

Data Retention

With InHub your previous questionnaires are all in one place and just a click away. Quickly find answers to questions as well as any additional documentation from any prior quarter. All documents are exportable for your own retention or for integrating into other software.


One of the best parts of the InHub solution is that once you've set up your questionnaire issuing for a new quarter is just a few clicks away. With each reissue you build more data to spot trends or problems over time.

Customer Feedback

"It saves us 100 hours per quarter with the issuing and collection stage alone."

"We now finish our reviews 4 weeks earlier than before."

"Our junior analyst, who normally manages the process left abruptly and with InHub we didn't skip a beat."

"Thank you for helping the industry streamline this process!"

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