InHub for Respondents

By making it easier to respond, InHub speeds up the overall RFP/Questionnaire process for all users.

Recurring Questionnaires

Whether your strategies are on a consultant's Actively Recommended or Current Exposure list, you are probably receiving custom questionnaires at the end of every quarter. Maintaining your position means being prompt and accurate in your responses.

Tracking emails, deadlines, team turnover, and questionnaires and responses from multiple Research Teams with multiple strategies doesn't make this easy.

InHub has the respondent features you need:

InHub makes it easier for you to share important data with those decision makers who request it.


RFPs run through InHub have an 85% replacement/new hire rate showing that the firms issuing RFPs on InHub are serious about the process.

InHub keeps track of your previous responses which means the more RFPs you participate in the more InHub can help you. When you are invited to a new RFP, InHub can tell you what percent of the questions you've already answered immediately after you accept the invitation.

We have the easiest to use respondent interface available and are constantly working with our users to make it even better.

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